Friday, March 23, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

Thursday night was the opening of the High School musical and it was wonderful! When my daughter was 2 the Disney version came out and one of my daughter's nicknames became LissaBelle and it stuck. She looks like Belle, reads like Belle, dreams like Belle, encourages us but no she did not play Belle. That part went to a senior who did a really lovely job.
No my beauty played Chip and she was FUNNY. Every line, expression, giggle perfect. Best of all she had fun.
At this High School, musicals have become a major event; a tool the teacher use to build teamwork and spirit. The whole community gets involved and the students push themselves to new heights each year.
My graduating son has been on the tech crew every year. He knows sound but loves lighting. The day of the second show- Friday- he got his first acceptance letter, to the college he wants, in their new Theater Arts major. I actually expect him to end up writing plays, advertisements or maybe producing. He really found something to be passionate about doing.
Sunday was the last showing, a matinee. We brought my husband's boss and her husband then had them over for dinner. It was our first time entertaining a higher up at all! It went over well because she is so nice but also because a High School show gave us so many things to discuss besides work.
At the end of the show all the Seniors were recognized so my son actually went on stage! He really prefers to hide in back. I've know these kids for a few years now and it was really a special moment for them.
No rest for the weary though. This week the drama teacher will begin auditions for Arsenic and Old Lace. I've been helping him with costumes the past few years and he's been hoping to do this for a long time. It will really bring out the crowds.
And who knows, maybe next year my Beauty will have the lead and my Beast will be designing at college?

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