Friday, March 30, 2007

A good day.

I did it! Yesterday the kids picked up after doing some school while I put most of the newsletter together. After Bible Study I finished it in time to email it to DH and he did get the copies made. I'm very pleased with it. I don't include pictures like the previous person, its not as pretty. But because we read different things and live 1/2 hour away have different interests, etc. it does have a unique tone. I do wish more people contributed but I'm starting to get the teens writing for us again.
Bible Study was really nice. We were one family short but my yard wasn't flooded so I was able to let the kids play in the yard. It was far more peaceful because they were much happier.
It can be hard to convince a busy mom to join the Bible Study. 'How is doing one more thing going to help? I need to fold clothes and buy groceries not sit for tea!'
Then they try it, oh the peace! No we aren't the most studious group. But we try like Martha's sister Mary to chose they better part, before returning to all those necessities.
Our questions focused on our talents and lack of talents. That we are a Beloved Daughter for Who we are and because of Who brought us into being. Our lack of talents does not mean we are not loved. Strangely none of us felt like we are good at cooking yet that's one of our jobs. (Bake sure! especially chocolate but we aren't supposed to serve that for dinner!)
Our talents are gifts not only for ourselves but also for our family and community. I mentioned the perspective my teens are finally starting to get at the joy of using a talent. It has always been hard for my family when I go somewhere to use a talent: choir practice, meetings etc. It can be very hard to determine when I should still go to these and when I should give them up for family time.
One of my talents is the energy boost I get when I am enthusiastic about a new project. It can create problems though. I can be so enthused I don't see the problems to be worked around, or the toes I'm stepping on, or I run out of energy when we get past the fun part and never finish.
I am easily tempted by discouragement and despair when things are difficult. I have to remember whose tools those are. I try to hang on to my mother's words: "Seek out Joy! It defeats sad and is better than happy." D. E. Murphy

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