Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Things Spring

The first day of Spring! Praise the Lord!

Not that it looks like spring around here. The children's colds aren't worse but more of them have it. We still have a lot of snow from our St. Pat's storm... in fact we can't park in front of the house because the plow came by early before someone moved their car and plowed them in. Either the person is away, ill, or too embarrassed to be seen digging it out 3 days later. Either way, we are stuck with it for a while.

Spring Cleaning takes on special meaning this week. For the first time we are entertaining my husband's boss. Not only have we never done this at his other jobs but he's only been at this company a year. It looks like they are grooming him to take her sons spot when she eventually retires so we have officially moved up to the 'entertainment is necessary' stage of life. I'm surprised at how it all happened so fast. She and her husband are so nice.... kind, committed Christians, who expect their employees to put family first even as they work hard.
So we are taken them to our children's High School show-- Beauty and the Beast-- Then my husband will serve his famous Baked Salmon, Yummmy! I just have to clean, make side dishes, and get a sitter. Could be worse.

The rest of spring cleaning will happen in stages. Holy Week will involve sorting spring clothes, shoes, cleaning out closets and drawers etc. After Easter will involve the yard and the school supplies. By the end of May I'll be packing up every duplicate or unnecessary item in the kitchen and dining room and creating a temporary kitchen in the dining room so we can remodel. I am so excited!
In our old house we had a Galley kitchen. It was very small but well planned. as the family grew we put a freezer in the basement with some shelves for extra paper goods and that worked for a while. Finally after 12 years we stole a small amount of the Living room to expand just enough to build in a dishwasher and hide the messy kitchen. 3 months after finishing we found out a friend was remarrying and offered to buy his house, a 4 bedroom, 8 room Victorian in my old neighborhood. He agreed.
Its a wonderful home. I'm just blocks from my mother, our church, the store. The oldest go to my Alma Mater. The neighborhood has loads of kids and parks and dogs and gramma-types. Our friend had done lots of work on the house. We redid one bathroom he hadn't gotten to, upgraded the basement electric, finished repointing the foundation, some outside work and a fence, then built a huge bedroom in the attic. Last year we made the porch safe and beautiful and replaced the waterheater.
The kitchen is the last big project. Being a Victorian its a project because there are 5 doorways and almost no walls. (to the basement, pantry, study, dining room and back exit) One redo by our friends ex-wife involved a bad floor, popcorn ceiling (can't clean it) and 3 feet of cabinets. The only benefit is the pantry but to do what we want we must eliminate that as well as close of the door to the study.
Our goal is to spend as little as possible. I managed to buy a complete cabinet set from an expensive home's remodel at The ReStore: a non-profit re-use it center. The 5 uppers 4 lowers and pantry only cost $600! All that I need to do is paint them.
We are not replacing any appliances but are setting up to replace the stove with built ins ASAP. We will build in our portable dishwasher and put in plumbing so someday we can have a fridge with water and ice. The floor will be commercial tile like you see in schools. We tried it in the attic first. Now they are not covered in wax but in a polymer that is a breeze to keep clean!
Style is my last priority. The cabinets will be a cool blue, aqua most likely, which was original to the cabinets. Walls and floors will be white. Backslash will probably be whatever tile I can get at The ReStore. Decoration will be the food and the cooks: my kids, the boyfriend whose family on both sides are chef's, my husband. I'm too short to clean things on the walls anyway;)

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