Thursday, April 12, 2007

Best Family Ever!

OK I'm finally in a better mood. I wasn't As bad about eating candy and leftover cheesecake yesterday, I got a little sleep, and I found an excuse to waste more time on the computer!!
My cousin started a website for our family and we have representative cousins from 6 or the 7 sibling parents..... my Dad is #2 of 7. My Pepere would be so proud! We have pics of new babies, recipes, loads of banter. Most of them were 8 and under when I got married, including 2 of my sisters. But now I'm not the only grown up!
I normally only get see them at weddings and showers and funerals so we never have something to talk about that's real. Its all catching up.
The idea first started brewing when we were at a wedding and realized a shower needed to be planned for one cousin. It was my chance to do something nice for her mother, who had given me a nice baby shower. It became a 'cousins' shower by the end of the wedding. Everyone got in on the act and it was fabulous. It forced the sharing of email which got us beyond caught up for the first time.
I can tell its a joy for the ones living far away and the ones at home with baby, for the ones with a OK job, but especially for this computer junkie.

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