Saturday, April 7, 2007

Blessed Easter to All!

Today was Egg Day. Everyone brings their kiddos to my Mum's to decorate Easter Eggs. It was a wonderful day. Most everyone was there except the far away sister and my brother: Fr/Uncle J. We heard from them by speaker phone. Everyone had messy hands, too much to eat, and a turn snuggling the newest. I love this tradition.
Tonight something new. I'm singing the Easter Vigil with 2 of my girls and my husband is going to brave the vigil with the little one. I've heard this can work well. My favorite blogger had a long thread about it - how tired and quiet and co-operative her kids are at such a late service. I have my doubts but think I have him set for success.
First they have tubbed, which makes them sleepy.
Second Mass starts at 8 which is bed time.
Third is the Capes. you see I was in quite a mood at Christmas and no matter how busy I was I was determined to make something dressy for the little girls. I figure capes were a good choice especcially since Easter would be early and therefore cool so they'd get more use.
Wellthey weren't actually worn for Christmas. I had to leave early to sing and had forgotten to tell DH and the girls which was which. So they wore the old coats. Of couse we had a warm week so I packed them up in the attic. Now its cold .
Ok I managed. they are out and ironed and all that is left is getting myself ready.
with time to spare!
Sohave a beautiful Easter. Holy and grace filled. the whole season of it.
Peace, Mary

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