Friday, April 20, 2007

Carnival of Joy: Week 1 at Three Plus Two

Three Plus Two: Carnival of Joy: Week 1

This is a Carnival I could use! My mother has a quote, "Seek out JOY! Its better than happy and it defeats sad." Dianne E. Murphy. My mother is brilliant but I know its hard won wisdom to seek Joy rather than just expecting it to find you. Our personalities and the natural tendency to want to get things done gets in the way of enjoying the doing. I want the art lesson done, the laundry finished (and to stay finished.) I want school finished before I cook and rarely enjoy cooking anymore.
What a strange experience to have a slow, enjoyable, evening of dinner during our recent business trip. To discuss which wine and taste it rather than slug it down before a kid spills it. ( BTW Conundrum Chardonnay is lovely) To share platters of appetisers, seafood of Boston Harbor, and layers of adult conversations. I want to bring that sense of relaxation, of having the time to sit for hours, and bring it to our family dinner. Maybe its not practical more than once a week but it would be so nice.
Way back in the '2 kids' days we would practice going out for dinner. We'd dress up, put on music, DH would make them a 'cocktail' with a slice of orange for garnish in a real glass. We would serve the food in courses. Daddy and Mommy might even open the dance floor.
Of course our Kitchen remodel will be a real inspiration to enjoy the cooking again, but for now I'm going to find more Joy in the people who eat it, a whole Carnival of Joy.

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