Friday, April 13, 2007

Catholic Homeschool Conferences

Today 3 of us are leaving for New Jersey to attend one of the Catholic Homeschool Conferences. In all these years I had never been to one. I hear there had been one north of Boston and one in Connecticut but the most popular one on the east coast is in DC. Here in Massachusetts there is a huge Christian conference called MassHope which I have been to several times.
The speakers are always uplifting and you can compare prices on things like the more expensive Math programs or talk to the author of a text you’ve used to get clarification or help in placement level for your particular student. I do have to watch out for vendors that are anti-catholic however. I don’t mind opening dialogue but this is usually not the setting to change hearts in this matter.
The one we are going to is run by C.H.A.P.L.E.T. It is just one day, has 2 speakers, plus a discussion panel, plus the vendor room where you can see and buy curriculum. One of us is fairly new to homeschooling and wants to see things before buying. One knows what she likes but is curious and she knows New Jersey. I tend to be more of a relaxed/eclectic homeschoolers who happens to be Catholic. Religion and prayer are part of our everyday but I would homeschool even if I could afford Catholic schools. I really love the lifestyle and relationships, the ministry moments we are led to, but yes, its all from a Faith perspective, so I really want Catholic books.
I’m going knowing the Spirit has put it on my heart that Massachusetts needs a Catholic Family Convention. It couldn't be just about homeschooling—there aren’t enough of us in my mind. (Although CHAPLET has 30 families) I’d love to see a row of booths about shrines you can visit in a day trip. One of resources to supplement the Catholic life. The third row could be homeschool resources.
I’d love something encouraging to come out of our diocese that is so big that the other encouraging things get noticed. Everything is about dwindling numbers or the sex abuse scandal. What about the great youth ministry, Rachael’s Vineyard, Cursillo, our strong Charistmatic Renewal? Our award winning newspaper, The Observer, and our weekly broadcast of Real to Reel?
Pray for us, for the Convention, and for my Diocese. I’ll pray for you and yours.

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Cheryl said...

I hope you have a wonderful time. I want to hear all about it.