Thursday, April 26, 2007

Catholic Mothers Online

Those paying attention know I've made loads of changes in the last week--- all 3 of you!!! This is my next, best change. I'll be listed on a blog roll called Catholic Mothers Online and have their link in my sidebar. I was drawn into trying this by seeing the good of this new 'neighbor' of moms helping moms. Young moms getting ideas, help or just a listening ear (OK Monitor). Experienced Moms getting a rejuvination or at least a use for this vast store of experience that our own children may not appreciate yet. This is the new evangelization.


Angie said...

LOL -- I burst out laughing when you said "all 3 of you!!!" Too funny! Glad to have you joining the blog roll.

Mary B said...

Well I guess now its 4!! I'm looking forward to checking out the other CMO's.

Sharon said...

Glad you joined the blog roll! I may have never found your blog. :)
It looks great. Count me in as reader #5! lol.

Christine said...

I tried the link and it didn't work. :( As one of the "3", I will let you know what I think once I figure out how to get there.

Love ya!


P.S. Lord's Day was such a balst last night!