Sunday, April 15, 2007

First Things First-- 1 down!

I do not have to start a web site for our group!!!! Yeah!!! Well Maybe.

First the Yeah!! Several of our local Homeschoolers belong to a Covenant Community. This means they have formed a special bond, a covenant promise, to support each other in their Catholic Walk. My husband and I gave it serious consideration joining. They are some of the best and most prayful people I know. Careful in their formation, complete in worship, exhuberant in God's Praise, trusting their Lord and all while faithful to the Magesterium and our Pope.
Unfortunately God didn't seem to call us to join.
However on of their members has a domain and web site and gave a section before. well it was down but they are up and running again !!!
Plus its very secure because you can only sign up and have access to the important pages if they know you when you email them. their main page does not even show that there is a homeschool section if you don't have special permission to be on that page, just as I'll be able to see that page but not the Covenant members page since I'm not a member.
It means all our field trips, classes, co-ops can post sensitive information safely.
But then there is the face of Catholic Homeschooling. Should we have a page that the world can see? one that lets young moms consider the option of Catholic Homeschooling? one that lets us evangelize? one that connects us to other Catholic Homeschool support groups across the nation? and that lets those moving here know where to get answers?
Well maybe not now, but maybe soon.


Cheryl said...

I think it would be very helpful to Mom's looking into homeschooling or just moving to this area to have access to links related to Catholic Homeschooling and to find out more about our group. I know when I was looking, I was able to find out that there was a group and get the Catholic Cantor, but that was it. Pictures of activities we do might be nice. I have to go take care of kids now. Have a great day!

Christine said...

I agree that a convention similar to the one we attended seems quite possible for our area. As to the website, I think that as Catholic homeschoolers, we need to link to one another's web sites and to Catholic resources. A page that is specific to our group would be nice, especially if we posted photos of activities, but I think the people are even more important.