Monday, April 30, 2007

Great Weekend!

What a Weekend!!! On Friday night my 17yo daughter was Confirmed. It was beautiful! Her sponsor is a friend with no daughters who has 'adopted' her. Its been a blessing for me that she has another strong, Catholic woman to talk to when its hard to talk to Mom.
Saturday AM my oldest son had an interview to get into the college prgram he is interested in and He's In!!!! This summer he attends for free working on 8 credits. With last summers program he'll start a semester ahead in fall.
Then was set building and costume work for Arsenic and Old Lace. DH was given the wrong measurments but he made it work. We still have lots to talk about for costumes because he's moving the play forward in time.
I went in the evening to wait for my daughter's Challenge Club to return from a Video contest in RI. They won 5th place. Challenge is a prgram run by Regnum Christi. Youth go through 4 stages of spiritual devolopment aimed at becoming leaders who serve. I love how Christ centered it is.
And I love going to my friend's house on Saturday night for Lord's Day. Lord's Day is a grace for meals on Saturday night that welcomes in the Lord's Day and consecrates it to God. Families that participate share a meal, good times and prayer and then try to truly honor Sunday by working as little as possible. Sunday is a time to visit the sick or relatives, play with the kids, rest.
We did this every Saturday for a decade but life has a way of pulling you in many directions. When God was calling them to form a covenant community we discerned it was not what we were supposed to do. Or marraige group One in Christ was also hard to attend. This is part of why we have returned to Cursillo. It works with our crazy life.

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Cheryl said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend. I'm enjoying reading your blog.