Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Second Things

One of the First Things I knew I needed to do with this blog was to evaluate the time I spend on the computer. I definitely have spent more time but I certainly have learned a lot as well. For one thing I am typing quickly, my searches are more successful and I do have a web page put together as a plan for our homeschool group, (no, its not public yet)and I found a place to learn HTML. I even manipulated HTML for the site I'm building.
There are a lot of things I need to do that are not on the computer and I need to make them happen. One is my quilting that will take up the whole dining room for a couple days. I can't seem to steal the time out of our schedule. One is getting the junk and extra tables out of our bedroom. I don't know where to put it! and I can't do it without DH. (Let's just say we haven't seen each other awake very often lately.)
Another is getting my daughter drive time and I think its cruel for their time to learn driving to be when Mom's are hitting Pre Menopause. Just cruel. For Mom and the Teen. Poor Kid.
School? I need to put more fun in our day. Music, Art, hiking, anything. And I need a different Math program. I love the ease of using Saxon. Its spiral, has loads of word problems, speed drills, and mental math all included. But we need to try Math U See with its videos and manipulatives for a while and maybe Teaching Textbooks CDRom program which walks students through problems and lets them work at their own pace.
These take one Math subject at a time and teach it thoroughly and from many angles till the student really has it down. This has advantages as long as past topics are not forgotten.
The other 2 school things I need to prioritise are Phonics and the end of year 'stuff'. If I can get through the phonics with M and Z I can have 2 more independant learners next year. That is always a bonus.
End of year'stuff' includes testing, book selling and buying and dealing with the school deartment.
This year that means helping them rewrite the homeschool police for our City. (Massachusetts is an 'approval' state: each superintendant decides how approval will be given. If approval is not given burden shifts to the state to prove that your curiculum is not complete in scope or sequence so they ask for a lot of unnecessary, sometimes illegal information.) Luckily they are finally ready to work with us and realize they have no time to argue points they have in the past. So if we give them a plan that is complete and legal and covers them from future problems I'm sure it will pass.
So I gues these are my Second Things, Things that must happen thsi year even as I work on my other priorities.

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Ebeth said...

Mary, welcome to the blog roll of Catholic Mothers online. Also, as a fellow home educating mom, your "needs" list sounds a lot like mine! Off the computer, figure out curriculum that works, and quilting/sewing/crocheting projects that keep stacking up!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll blog over here some too now!
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