Monday, April 2, 2007

Using the Web

In First Things First I mentioned that I'm think about starting a web page for a group I belong to and in fact I have become a leader. It is our local homeschool group. There is a larger group in the area with a web page and a downloadable monthly newsletter. The newsletter access is for members only so names and addresses are protected. They have a great plan for the site as a whole.... but it doesn't seem to get a lot of use except for downloading newsletters. I am assuming this, based on how few changes have been made since it went up. I really have no need to look every week. I only need to look once a month.
So I'm not sure it would be worth my effort. Then, there are the women in our group that HATE computers! and I really mean that. They prefer books, (so do I) dislike the arguements over whose turn it is, (it always my turn here) feel insecure about what their children could be exposed too. (real concern)
On the other hand there is a great concern on my heart that new homeschoolers find help information and support. The first few years are often frightening because it is still such an unusual undertaking. There are those who decide to homeschool from the begining but more often parents feel they must pull their child from a certain school because of problems not being addressed or values in contrast to their own. We often feel we must defend ourselves against critics and smooth the ruffled feathers of relatives who made different choices.

Our parents were supportive but felt they had made a good decision to send us to public school---shouldn't we?
Catholic schools are available with financial sacrifice--- should we?

Of course making my 'availability to help' public knowledge on the web is a small step. I'm already on a regional email list and a state one and in every newsletter printed locally. But there are others in the newsletter that would not want personal information passed around.
Any ideas would be welcome.
Passover and Easter Blessing during this Holy Week, Mary

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