Saturday, May 12, 2007

Girls Night!!

What a blast! For me Girl's Night is anytime my sisters and I leave the DH's at home. My Dad is often included. Girl's Night must have something to celebrate. We may make something up but we celebrate. This time we went to baby sister's First Apartment. I'm so happy for her. Its a funny shape because its a triangle shaped building and she has the pointy end. But she has room to get room mates-- hope she does so she can keep it. And a spare room for art-- she's an amazing painter and teaches art at a Montessori school.
Only one hubby tried breaking the rules. Not only texting his wife during the night but breaking several FCC regulations for phone usage. We have evidence should my sister ever need it.
There were lots of stories about the kids, (my parents have 27 grandchildren.) And yes guys we always talk about you behind your backs. They all LOVE my husband because he is so vocal and demonstartive about loving me. He listens, changes, tries. The others may not want someone as demonstative but they all looked to be loved that strongly. (SM I hope you have someone like that for your life!)
I love the way Dr. Laura says it, "a man who would swim through shark infested waters to bring you a glass of lemonaid."
And we had new reason to celebrate. My moms best friend L is more like a sister. Her daughter C is like one of our sisters. Her beau asked permission from L to propose to C. Since she's not a kid this was a really sweet thing. He does Not look the part of such a sweet guy but we know the secret. I've seen him with his daughters. He is wonderful and deserves to join this great family.
Then the sisters who'd had a couple drinks started planning a private bridal shower. They were SO funny I almost fell off the couch laughing. I can't wait!


Christine said...

Wow. I guess I never counted the total number of grandchildren. It sounds like you girls had a blast. I wish I had sisters. I guess I must fulfill my need for sisters vicariously through you. :-)

My poor parents only have 4 grandchildren, and that is it unless my dear brother is clubbed over the head by God to change his ways....It appears that I am done at 4.

Love ya!


Anonymous said...

I am the lone sister who missed it and I really hate missing out on what is always a great time. Love to all of you sisters!

Mary B said...

Amy too, in fact we were so loud, with so many conversations at one time we forgot to call her! Sorry Amy!
(Well maybe they remembered after I left)