Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day! Update

Well I got to my mother early. Found a gardening book at the Catholic Homeschool Conference with loads of craft ideas. But I did not get to my Mother in law in time for tomorrow. I had it in my mind I'd have time to get something to her daughter who is flying down but that didn't happen.
They'll be home soon, and DH can call her, but I think I'll tell you all a little about her.
She's the first woman I knew to write her own web page, back when it was writing your own HTML! It was great, loaded with her fun and enthusiam and pics of my kids. Like me she likes to always have some new interest she's studying: an actor, a singer, an author, a cooking style. Like me she is always reading. I can't count how many vacation nights we'd tuck the kids, DH's would fall asleep and we'd sit up reading and talking. She had an inpressive collection of Historical Romance which was a great escape in the years of all toddlers and little kids.
We've had a long time to learn about each other. I've been married to her son for over 20 years but met her nearly 30 years ago now. Really!
She is so incredibly strong. Generous beyond my ability to grasp. She is so patient with me! Best of all she takes such joy in our kids. Even though her experience has been a small family, she gets it that they are individuals when so many treat them like a single entity.
I can't count the things I've learned from her or how honored I feel when she trusts me and shares her deep cares about her children and holding her family together.

Obviously I think her son is her best work. She not only raised him to think and enjoy a good conversation or an good old movie, he's also funny and capable. He can play silly with little ones then stop and solve a problem with his teens with out a pause.
Her youngest child postponed college to go into the workforce and was truly supported and encouraged but never coddled. She married a strong man who helped her in her decision to go back to school. She's found a true calling to work with those in need and graduates in a year. She teaches people whose education was interupted by mental illness to advocate for themselves and get their edcation back on track. She is strong and pashionate.
Her middle daughter was given multiple problems to deal with over her life. My dear MIL has always been there for her. Always looking for ways to give her life interest and value no matter how many frustrations have come their way. Her daughter is 'the fun aunt' a voracious reader and has learned things she was told she'd never master. Over the internet she's befriended many who had few friends. Loyal and compansionate and as generous as her mother.
When I was engaged I was given the advice to look hard at his family. To understand I was marrying them too. Boy did I choose well.
Happy Mother's Day to my other mother.
I love you.

Received a note:
Hi Mary,

I wrote another response today on your blog, but it seems that it won't go thru. It went something like this.

I wanted to say how much I appreciate your beautiful words. You know that I come from somewhat of a dysfunctional family that wasn't much on affection, and it makes it difficult for me to be demonstrative, even to the people I love most. You don't realize how much I brag about you to old friends, and new ones too. Telling them what a wonderful mother you are, and yes, a wonderful person. How well you have brought up your children to be great human beings, but have also educated them and make it look easy. Jeff was very fortunate, and so are we.



I hope all of you are taking the time to make sure the ones you love know how much you love them, words or actions. Its always an encouragement.

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Christine said...

That was a beautiful tribute! Kathy deserves it!

Love you!

Happy Mother's Day