Friday, May 4, 2007

Not Happy

I am not a happy Momma. For a month I held onto a paper sent by the school deciding how to respond 'politely' Today I thought I finally figured out how. They asked parents to sign a'contract' to provide guidance and support etc while they would support our involvement and 'positive communication' well every time I saw it several cases of poor communication came to mind and I knew I couldn't sign it in good conscience but I also couldn't write a rebutal well.
Today I noticed the email address at the top for the principal. I sent a cute, 'mommy' type note about how sorry I was I hadn't sent it yet but couldn't we get some information on the web site about......
It worked! (so I thought) I got a same day response about upcoming info on seniors.

An hour later my senior called and asked me to turn on the news and find out what was happening. Yes that call. What parent hasn't dreaded that call since Columbine? Even in the Virginia Tech shootings one victim was a homeschool graduate. There are no safe places if there are guns in Amish schools. I looked on line, Turned on the radio, put on the Tv with the mute and watched for crawlers while I texted my other daughter. Good girl. She sent a note immediately and drove home with her brother.
Just a bomb threat.
Mother Mary Pray for us! Not one news station said a word! They advertised the 'Don't lie on your resume" piece before every commercial but couldn't spare a line for those of us who didn't know whether to send our kids on Monday or retie them to our apron strings. God knows I don't want that. I Love having teens. they are so vital, energetic, challenging, fun. How can anyone think of hurting them or threatening to?
So then the school also didn't tell us what was going on. They have an automated phone system: could have prerecorded a message and set it to play on every answering machine every parent gave. Nothing!
OK I'm going to try to calm down now. Even though my boy is off at work and my daughter is out with friends. They've recovered-- or at least are ready to blow some steam. I have not recovered. I'm a mess everytime someone's baby dies, every threat, every shooting. I try to trust but this is a challenging time.

Lord of the Divine Mercy, Be my stronghold, my fortress. Adonai let me see only Your beauty and Grace and nothing else. Amen

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