Thursday, May 17, 2007

Join me for a Novena

Happy Blogger reminds me that tomorrow is the day to start a Novena to the Holy Spirit in time for Pentecost. I pulled mine out and will try. Since I'm online daily I should just have to post it to do it right? We'll see how I do. I forgot about Ascension since I'm still not feeling great and there was a Tornado warning yesterday.

I guess sick is a good excuse for missing but I don't like it anyway. I need Eucharist. Its what's kept me going all these years: lapses of Faith in other areas, pregnancy, scandal, depression. All healed by the great Healer, at least for a time.
And of course my kids won't make it without me either. My hard working, convert husband still has to think really hard about which Feasts are days of Obligation so I usually try to let him know ahead of time.

Do you know what a Novena is? The very first one started after the Ascension of Christ over 2000 years ago. After all the miracles, after seeing the Risen Christ, still the disciples were afraid, deathly afraid, of being killed for following their Lord. As He Ascended he instructed them to teach and Baptize the whole world but told them to wait till help arrived. He would send the Paraclete.
The Love of God the Father and Creator for His Son Jesus is so intense, so real that it is a Person. Separate yet connected in the Trinity. Through the Charismatic Catholics I've known I've seen how powerful God is in this 3rd Person of the Trinity. If you can find it a great book on this is 'Life in the Lordship of Christ' by Fr. Raniero Cantelamessa. Father was walking by St. Peter's one day and the Spirit urged him to pray, then to yell to the Holy Father, "Courage John Paul, Courage!" Not long after he was called to become preacher to the Pontifical Household. In other words he says Mass for those who live and work at St. Peter's including giving a retreat to the Pope every year. (To read a translation of his sermons sign up with
Zenit, news from the Vatican)
Its not an easy read but each of the 10 Chapters illuminates a mystery of the Church, of making Christ your Lord, and of using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Here's the best part,as close as I can remember: If, then, sin is to withhold credit to God for those gifts that are from God. Then the opposite of sin is Not virtue. (We can do good things without giving God credit.) No the opposite of sin is Praise. When we praise God then, we help ourselves stay in a state of grace.

The original 11 Apostles, with Mary the Mother of Jesus, stayed in an upper room praying for the Paraclete to come for Nine Days. The next day, on the Jewish feast of Pentecost, The Holy Spirit came to earth and has been here ever since to guide the Church, the Bride of Christ. You are invited to join me as I pray with Our Lady for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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