Tuesday, May 1, 2007

LOL Sewing!!!

Clone Yourself is DVD video directions for making a Duct Tape Dummy of yourself! I stumbled on the idea a year ago when I dreamed of buying a Mannequin and learning to design clothes. Its supposed to be cheap and a truly exact copy of yourself but I nearly fell on the floor laughing as I pictured my sisters and I wrapping our selves in duct tape. I can't find the original web page--- maybe she's the one on the new DVD's for sale but I'll share some of the tidbits of information shared:

1. Do potty first. Once your hips are wrapped forget it.
2. Wear a good bra for shape but one you are willing to lose. At the end a friend cuts you out of the wrapping and just might cut right through.
3. Your husband may enjoy being the one to tape you too much.
4. Dress your dummy when your done. Dear Hubby might be shocked to find a silver, headless replica of you in the middle of the night.

And I thought Nancy's Notions was the elite sewing supply catalog.

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Christine said...

Our counters are missing. Did you notice this? I hope you are feeling better. The Duct Tape Dummy sounds like a real hoot. Isn't Nancy Notions the elite?