Monday, May 7, 2007

Seven and Holding

This link is to a news story about an Australian recommending people consider the carbon output generated in adding another child to the family. Well we are at 'seven and holding' as my husband says but certainly not for that reason. A little on line quiz revealed that on a scale of one to ten, as a mom I am Slightly Crispy, maybe not a true earthy crunchy but there's a lot I do not on their test. And no home births for me thank you, I've got to get out out of the house sometime after all.
Let's see we have a giant gas guzzler van, but usually only to carry a full load. We almost never make a unnecessary trip. Often combine trips. Even moved to a busier, urban area where more is available close by and my husband's commute is shorter.

One weekly trip June to October is to the Food Bank Farm. This will be our eleventh year supporting this organic CSA, Consumer supported agriculture, farm which also provides fresh, organic food to local services for the poor as well as providing training in the running of Organic farms to workers and the local community. I combine this trip with other errands, eat more raw food (not using gas stove) and use far less food that has been shipped from the other side of the world.

When you have your first you buy or are given EVERY plastic, advertised product available for baby. For baby number two there are still needs plus the varying interests of the two growing up. After baby number three you get VERY practical. You don't need a third diaper bag made of washable plastic--that tears every time you put in one too many diapers. No you stick an extra blanket in your cloth tote to lay the baby on, or tie into a sling instead of dragging a plastic car seat around. You nurse longer instead of buying formula and bottles and are sad when they wean. You skip ten different baby lotions and just use Ivory. No rash cream. You let them air out naked as God intended.

We don't have a TV for each room-- just 2 for 9 people.
We don't have Play Station or Nintendo-- not even an old version.
Not a weekly trip to the theater, a weekly family night at home with a movie and friends.
No roller coasters on tarred fields, but soccer on cool, green grass.
No bands and bars. Just a beer on the porch with a neighbor watching the kids bike.

And when we're old and gray, no dependence of the government for social security. We can't retire with one entering college when we turn 60. No we'll still be trying to be productive, care giving citizens. When we finally wear out our children will be able to share the burden.

I think everyone who has a child should consider the environmental impact of not sharing their world and family with more children.

How can anyone say there are too many children? That's like saying there are too many flowers. Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta

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Christine said...


Even in the craziness of my life, I regret not having more babies. (deep sigh)

Love ya!