Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sick Days

One thing I didn't mention about my weekend was fighting a cold. I hadn't felt good all week but over the day Saturday my Tonsils started working and my glands swelled till I thought I had mumps again. Sunday I could still sing Christ Is Risen and sound good. I could still discuss things at our Parish Brunch/Town Meeting (very successful!). But when I got home I crashed.
I slept. Fever. Chills. Aches. Cough. The works.
I keep losing my voice, yes the kids loved that! We got through school for the 2 old enough to go through their routine. My 'Re' is 7 and used her Geo Safari.
This is where I have to tell you I love Draw, Write Now. I have all 8 volumes. It is art, penmanship, writing mixed with nature study, history and science. No work for Mom!!! They try to draw the picture then copy the sentences. At the end of the year they have made a book of their own. When 'The Baby' was born 1/2 way through the school year (3 years ago) I gave these to 'Scrappy' and S.Dee with instructions to start with the one on American History. Then I had them make up their own. Every day they made a page about a President or a State creating their own Civics Book. We also had a game about the presidents and the states that reinforced what they were learning. (Its premis is you are running for president- can't think of the name)
Its sick days like this that show me I'm on the right track. They don't need me to learn. I'm just the facilitator. Sure I actually teach some of the tome but they are not dependant on me on a daily basis to hand them a worksheet. Circle the noun, underline the verb, repeat.
I'm so glad I heard this advice when I was begining, doing lots of book work, but expecting during our first year. It still looked like I had plopped a public school into our living room. Soon pregnancy forced me to look at options. My oldest found it helpful in applying to colleeg to say he been in all types of schools, public, catholic and homeschool and done well at all, been adaptable. Lots of that is because he's learned to learn. The end of June he starts his college career. One down. Six to go. I miss him already.

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