Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Things I've been think on while testing

#1 Never again even experiment with a test for first grade. They just don't read well enough and the tests assume you taught loads of sight words rather than emphasizing phonics first. Also the version I bought was a disappointment. I ordered from a Seattle Homeschool Group listed at Mother of Divine Grace. I assume its a fundraiser for them. the aswer forms they created for first grade and kindergarten assigned a number to each bubble the children would fill in, placing a rubber stamp number on the choices in the original book. A Kindergartner is supposed to answer 3-1 is 2 Find a group of 2 objects. Find the number assigned to that bubble, maybe 3, then remember to fill in bubble 3 for question 4 on the answer sheet to show they know the answer was 2. They couldn't label the bubbles with letters?

#2 I wish I'd had my seven kids in Maine in the 1790-1800 decade with Martha Ballard as midwife! In 814 births she only lost 1 woman. Only a decade earlier one London hospital had a 39.3% Maternal death rate in one year. She was successful with all types of delivery and in fact most mothers sick or dying after birth had what we now know was Streptococcus infection. According to author and midwife Ina May Gaskin most Obstetricians are losing their skill at delivery of breech and twin babies without surgery, effectively removing that option from all mothers in their practice, because they refuse to make them attempt even when the option is viable.
(A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on her diary 1785-1812 by Pulitzer Prize winner Laurel Thatcher Ulrich)

#3 Still not thrilled with the High School. No notice to parents,I do not get. I did hear back from the newspaper which has a policy not to give thrill seekers the thrill of being in print(I get that part) I have no confidence that the High School show will come off. The director is a difficult man, grouchy, but its partly from being so disrespected by the school. He is not being allowed to set up the show and leave any part of it up. Which means we can't finish making or painting the set, blocking is taking a very long time so the students are dejected or feel like they should be as disrespectful as the adults at the school are.

#4 I really have to go to Science co-op. I'm enjoying being stuck at home too much. Everyone seems to feel OK today. No more excuses.

#5 Need a solid program for David next year.

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