Thursday, May 31, 2007

What's kept me busy?

  1. Cursillo: Sister made hers this week as well as the friend of my friend who passed on last fall. They had a great weekend.
  2. Conference: Think I finally have the letter to a Diocesan official willing to help me.
  3. Co-op: I'm going to have to actually call each person because only 1/3 of the Moms will use their computer.
  4. Curriculum: tomorrow is 180 days but we still have work to do. The school would still close.
  5. Chocolate: when your teens have a bad week there isn't enough chocolate in the world!

    Prayers please for my neighbor who is sitting Shiva. She was unable to go to Israel last month as planned and so did not see her teacher and Rabbi before he died. Thanksgiving for the lessons she has given my girls.

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