Tuesday, June 19, 2007

After Day One

Well today we start to build. Yesterday we tore everything out and it was great!!! The ladder is where the sink was--- yes there is a hole in the floor. Behind that there was a pantry wall but now its all open.
it feels like a big room but of course once we add the cabinets it will shrink back down.
Last night we did the second Home Depot run. First batch of wood, insulation and we bought the lights.

Also: Hello to Leslie and Sarah and David out at the Cape with Grandma and Grandpa! I'm so glad you are having fun and I'm very proud of my Leslie Lou--- I love you!!!
Keep helping, don't bring all the sand in the house!!! and bring home a pretty shell for me.
Hello to Marie and Zoe at their Auntie and Uncle's in New Jersey. Hope you are being good. Ask Auntie where to stand when you are on the phone so I can hear you good tonight!!!

Love to all! Mum ( and Dad too!) of the best 7!


Christine said...

Wow. Looks a lot different already. Did you keep the cabinets that were above the sink to put back in somewhere else in the room?


Mary B said...

Yep! I'm using everything I can!