Friday, June 15, 2007

Before- Our Kitchen remodel.

This is the view from door number 1, the exit to the back yard and my table, which, no, you can't sit at. It held my coffee pot, crock pot, and utensil carousel. It hid the trash and recycling. It was blocked by the Microwave shelf. The fridge and portable dishwasher are on the left between the door to the Dining room and the door to the study. In front of you is the door to the pantry and the sink and only cabinets.

This is the view from the study. The cluttered counter is the one by the sink. You can see the window to the back yard the stove which is dying and the table in the corner. On the right is the dish washer.
the table BTW is a rock maple beauty my husband rescue from a basement. Its low enough for short little me to knead bread, (a passion) on the Formica insert.

This is just outside that door. You can see the pantry.

to the left of the pantry is the half bath added where the formal dining room was in this Victorian. If you look through those cabinets you can see the cook finding her spices! Or from the pantry, she can see you sit on the John! Its lovely! Not bad storage although it isn't square.

What you may notice is the kitchen has 5 doors: study, pantry, cellar, exit and dining room. There are 2 windows, one in the pantry. No exhaust fan, A ceiling fan and an antique in the pantry. The vinyl in the kitchen is shot. The Wainscoting was the 70's solution to old plaster. Unfortunately when this was put in they didn't do a good job on the stain and finish and made poor choices on nail size and quantity so the wood is split in many places.

The plan:
No more pantry- spin the sink 90 degrees against that wall eliminating the door to the pantry and allowing air and light to flow through the space.

Close study door off. creates 14 feet of wall space for cabinets and eliminates the circular traffic flow of kids under foot.

Put in Red Metal cabinets rescued from demolition and painted by a friend.

Put in textured gray laminate counters everywhere-- except for a great chunk of granite from the same salvage place: The Restore.

White industrial flooring with layers of poly coatings.

Flat white ceiling, recessed lighting, exhaust fan.-- for a clean look.

Save the tin ceiling from the pantry to make the back splashes.

Let my artist daughter go nuts on the door to the basement!

Repaint my glass front wood cabinet in black lacquer for my Crystal!

Have a breakfast area, baking area, phone and music stand, and a shelf for each persons 'stuff'


Cheryl said...

Wow! Your plans sound great! You must be so excited.

Mary B said...

Yes! First Home Depot run was this am and yesterday we got the call that the cabinets did take the paint (long story- worried contractor.)

Christine said...

You should post some "in process" the wall torn down. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product!