Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Busy busy busy!!! Update!!!

Ok the last day of school should not be quite this crazy but I'm in my 'can't slow down' mode.

#1 School Done (can you hear the cheering?)
#2 Paperwork for school system ready to go (one more signature please, Love)
#3 Proposal to update the city's paperwork in the mail after a fabulous conversation with the new contact.
#4 Actually passed on the Prayer chain--- that's a major feat, Blessed I'm sure is the woman before me who offers such prayerful advice when this middle aged woman feels like a newbie.
#5 Sweet DH calmed my teen daughter, when my efforts only infuriated and frustrated her. Poor thing can be too much like me. Can't save her from being my kid.
#6 Read 2 Apologetics Books to review, which I will, Very soon.

#7 and #1 Please visit:
Danielle Bean author of Mom to Mom Day to Day

From her site:
St. Gianna Maternity Home in Warsaw, ND is a charitable cause whose mission is sure to speak to your heart. St. Gianna Home is a 9,000 square foot home that welcomes women in crisis pregnancies (regardless of faith), provides them with a safe, secure environment in which to live, and gives them access to the medical, educational, and professional services they need to choose life for their babies. I can't think of a more positively pro-life ministry than that. Check out their website and I am sure you will be as impressed as I am.”

For every $5 you donate through her sites link you receive a chance at 1 of 44 fabulous donated prizes. And you help a remarkable home for Moms in crisis.

Update: 24 hours later they have raised $3300. Wow!!!

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