Thursday, June 14, 2007


Its official!!!! My dear FIL took three of my kids this morning off to the Cape, including the 3 year old!! (He doesn't know it but he's up for Sainthood in my book) So we spent an hour and a half already moving stuff out of the kitchen! I don't have boxes for some things but the food had shelves to go on, the Microwave and coffee maker just need an extension cord, decorations are off the wall.
Progress!! A real, cleanable, countertopped, storage galore kitchen soon!

I may even cook again.



Cheryl said...

Have fun!!!! Don't forget to take before pictures.

Christine said...

My DH started to take tiles off the bathroom wall....but that is as far as we are for now! :-)

I am looking forward to seeing the new and improved kitchen!


Mary B said...

I'll get some today! Marie and Zoe just left with my sisters in-laws for New Jersey. They will not miss me at all!!