Thursday, June 21, 2007

Out the door.

Every day my Frenchmen need to send me on one errand or another. So off I go to Harry’s. The store is actually called Highland Hardware. Highland is the name of this neighborhood built ‘high’ above the ‘flats’ (apartments and mills downtown.) Its mostly very old but smaller Victorians. We are not far from the Mansions though.
Officer Harry Sr. ran it with his wife when I was a kid. Dad had an account. Every Dad had one. In the middle of a project a man could easily send a kid to pick up what was needed and just pay the tab once a week or month. If your Dad was doing well he might even send you there when your bike needed work.

Now Harry Jr. runs the store and a man I went to grammar school with works on bikes. I’m not a kid, by any stretch, but in I go everyday. 4 times one day!
They like to hear the update.
I always see someone I know.
It’s the kind of store that makes this city feel small town.
I love this place.
Holyoke: Best City by a Dam Site.

My kiddo’s are still doing well at their vacation homes. I heard about frogs and fish and eels and tents and cribbage matches and baseball and Crepes Suzette and homemade Mac N Cheese and…..My teens are getting anxious to go to their summer programs.
Jeff and I are ready for bed.
Very. Ready.


Christine said...

Looking great! It is amazing how much new subflooring and drywall make such a huge change. I got an e-mail from Theresa S, and she asked about you. I am going to send here the link to your site. :-)

Mary B said...

Good! I've sent her emails but never heard back. I must have it wrong.

Cheryl said...

I'm enjoying these posts. It's like watching This Old House. We're going to the beach. I'll check in here in a few days.