Sunday, June 24, 2007

We inturrupt this Blog to bring you a Milestone!

My son Jeff is off to college as we speak. (No Mom isn't going to drop him off and cry in front of everyone.Dad is.)

Here he is with a car load of clothes, food, music, and all the posters he wants to hang that he never even considered trying to hang at our house. Mom made sure he had a First Aid Kit, Tylenol, paper towels etc.

Of course the summer program is 5 days a week so he'll be home Thursday night till Sunday. And he's keeping his weekend job at the local bakery. At least until it puts a crimp in his social life.

This was graduation day for the Purple Knights. Steve-O is on the right and is going to UMass for Engineering. Mitch is in the background. Very proud of him. After 2 devastating years of his father's illness and death he put his life back on track, holds down a job and is only 1 class away from graduating.

Congratulations Jeffers! You are a funny, handsome, smart, creative, laid back, hard working, fabulous person. I am proud to call you my son.
Love always and in all ways, Mum


Christine said...

Bittersweet reading for me. Congrastulations, Jeff. Keep it together mum and dad!

Love you all,

Cheryl said...

Congratulation, Jeff!

EC Gefroh said...

Congratulations to Jeff!