Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a great Day 2!!!

Note to all: Put 2 Frenchmen in a room with tools and just watch the dust fly! Dear Husband is working with our friend Steve. Not many contractors will let you work side by side with them to save money and no, Steve won't with just anybody. But these two are amazing. Today they framed and set the ceiling including hanging the recessed lighting. Plus fixed the holes in the floor. Plus most of the electrical.

Here is the view from that back exit door.

Only change is Steve is not a fan of trying to save the tin ceiling. I would have re-purposed it as the back splash but apparently they don't come down well.

My kiddos are doing well. I talked to them all. David and Sarah found lots of shells and fish parts on the beach. Leslie napped for Gramma.
Marie and Zoe might get to sleep outside in a tent tomorrow!

Now to rest for tomorrow!!!!


Cheryl said...

Woo Hoo!!! It's looking good. I was thinking about you today and wondering how the project was going.

Christine said...

Ok..that was day two...where is day three???? LOL

Glad the children are doing well. Your house must be eerily quiet without them...even with two frenchmen working togehter in the kitchen!