Saturday, July 7, 2007


Well Lord's Day is upon us. I celebrated by buying the cross I spotted at the Mall and it was 25% off on clearance $9.00!! You can see that while we were gone the door was hung. Jeff also primed the shelves we haven't eliminated yet. Until the budget recuperates we'll have this little oddity.

Oh and see my curved counter top as you enter?

Steve also got in this counter and a few uppers. Doors are not dry yet. I bought a counter top papertowel holder set that came with a napkin holder and a trivet. $8 at Walmart. I also bought the non adhesive drawer liners that are more about quietness and keeping things from shifting. You don't wipe with a sponge. You pull them to wipe underneath and toss them in the wash.

See the 2 pull out shelves?

This is my L. On Monday the plumber/electrician is coming to move the gas line. Then this cabinet can go in. he'll also hook up the range as long as the part came and take care of electricity to the dishwasher. The yellow towel is protecting the counter till the door stop is attached.

Here is a close up of my granite inset. It is just slightly raised to allow the sides to get some sealant. It is the only place beside the sink and range where there is a hole in the counter. He didn't need any seams.
We had to skip having one counter lower but it was worth the trade off.

Any way--- we also sanded and primed the bathroom cabinet Jeff saved and started painting the old shelf/dry sink combo that will go in Lissa's room. I also cleaned the back porch including the rugs, disgusting!!! Swept under the new bird feeder--- never again on a porch. Next time further from where I like to sit. Tomorrow Liss starts at her college summer program. So we also went dorm shopping. Jeff goes back tomorrow and David goes to camp so he was packing today. My in laws wouldn't let Sarah come home( hi Kiddo!) so after having a very old household for 2 weeks now we will have a very young house--- just the 7, 5, and 3 year old girls.
No I did not get pics of them at the Cape except on my phone. Actually was great fun. They have an old fashioned 4th picnic at the local pond. Every kids decorates their bike or wagon with Grandpa and 100 kids parade around the block. Then they had games, hot dogs and Cape Cod chips-- the best!!!
Only one beach day-- the last one. But they had a really nice time with their grandparents.
Now back to my celebration with a nice bottle of Pino Grigio.


Cheryl said...

Wow! Your kitchen is looking beautiful!

Christine said...

The kitchen is coming along. I can't wait to see it finished! I can't drink Pinot Grigio....2 sips of any wine at all and I have a raging migraine. :(

See you tomorrow night.


MK said...

Awesome renovation! I can't wait to see it done. We miss you at bible study.