Saturday, July 28, 2007

Seashore is summer and is Lovely!

I've finally found the Loveliness Fairs again and this week is the Loveliness of the Seashore hosted by Elaine at A Wink and a Smile.

For us 'seashore' is about visiting my in-laws at the Cape. I never remember a time when my in-laws did not want the Cape, that is Cape Cod, to be their retirement place. We are in Western Mass and the ride to the Bourne bridge is not as horrible as it could be because instead of renting we visit and avoid the traffic.
Their first place was a tiny, adorable cottage with privacy on one side because of a small patch of wetland. The kitchen was built into a hallway, so between my pregnancies and her evidence of good cooking it was often like driving bumper cars. It was a short safe watch to the beach where Grandpa gave baby David his first ice cream --with chocolate chips. One year we brought our inflatable rubber raft (a joke gift from my mother) and took turns letting the kids row. My 7 year old told me he'd take me all the way to Ireland!
When they found the place that would work to retire to they were thrilled. A lovely shake covered Cape set back on the property. 3 minutes from a pond, 5 from a marsh, and 10 from the beach. That's walking time. A 10 minute bike trip will bring you where the river meets the ocean and baby sea creatures incubate. A playground for for a kid with a net.
Best of all all the home have passed from one family member to the next with siblings sharing together. They have the same neighbors every year.
Seven years ago some of the neighbors began a Fourth of July celebration. They have all the kids decorate their bikes, wagons, helmets and parade around the block. When everyone gets back to the pond there are Hot Dogs and Cape Cod chips, musical chairs to the Marine Hymn, water balloons and prizes like Push up Pops. I've never seen so many Old Navy Red Tshirts!!!
Its a blast! Relaxing, patriotic, family time and community.
If you followed our Kitchen remodel you know my in laws took 3 of the kids for us for 2 weeks to make the deconstruction go well. We really owed them so as rushed as we were we made a point of being there. It really slowed us all down. Gramma and David played Cribbage or he worked puzzles with me. we walked and walked.
Now Mom and I don't stay up as late but we used to. We'd sit up reading for hours while they guys did early morning duty. She always had a book she'd been saving for me and for my husband and his Dad it was special time.
We do all our swimming late if we can. They play in the shade till lunch, eat, then we pack and sunscreen like crazy. I'll love the Pina Colada scent and rubbing down chubby arms and legs.

Shhh! Don't tell anyone but we've been known to put too many in Dad's car. Its 3 very quiet blocks where you can't go more than 3 miles per hour. If we have a baby I stroller them to the water so they'll have a place to rest.

Sleepy little one, a beach chair, cold drink, watching them become braver and stronger and more in love with their Dad and Grandpa every time they are swung through a wave or tossed in the air. That is Loveliness.


Christine said...

And that was a lovely word portrait. It is reminiscent of times gone by....


Cindy said...

What a lovely post. Thanks you for taking us on a journey with your family.

Elena said...

I agree - a lovely word portrait. I think I would love to be in a secluded cottage like that for a while too!

Mary B said...

Thank you all!!! I certainly can't do a portrait with pencil but I guess I'm learning to with a keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful portrait indeed.....makes me feel as though I were there.......LOL


Mom B