Monday, July 30, 2007

Taking a Breath

Remember where I started?

"After a very crazy weekend, (7 kids, parade weekend, plumbing issues and colds starting all around) I'm going to limit my post to what I eventually want to accomplish here:

Decide whether I am capable of, or called to, creating a web page for a group I help run.
Review books I'm reading and process what I get out of them.
Evaluate the value of the time I spend on the internet.
Record the history of our family as I've been unable to do with crafty, tedious things like scrapbooking.
Discuss the restructuring of our diocese: both the hope and the fear.
See how open I 'really' am to hearing comments and criticism.
Explore this new, post-baby world I'm entering.
Adsense or no?
And mostly, I hope, to pray more and let the Spirit move me more each day.

Over 4 months ago I wrote a post called First Things, quoted above, and I have gone back to it regularly to see where I've been and where I'm going. I did decide I was called to start our public web page for the Catholic Homeschoolers whether I was capable of handling all the problems that would come up. We still have trouble getting the other author to post and I would love to be linked in more places. The focus will be to give a public view of the effort to create a Catholic Family Resources/Homeschooling Conference in Western Mass. and I'd feel better about the idea if the advertising and marketing had a central location. And Yes I can handle comments. In fact the friends I made over the internet are a great solace on the 'no other grown ups' days.

This goal overlaps my goal of discussing the Diocese I'm in. While I have not blogged extensively about it I will soon. I've been able to work with a unique group of women to start plans for a Women's Conference and for an Office of Women's Ministry to be proposed. The first meeting left me a little unsure but the second was so Spirit led I was amazed. God is Good.

Posting on books I've read has been both easy and hard. I absolutely could not live without books. I've realized its one of the first things my homeschoolers do. Even before they can read they are stapling pages together, drawing the pictures and asking me to spell for them.
The hard part is how changed and confused I can become. I just read a Maya Angelou, "Gather in my Name" and I'm still puzzled. The title makes no sense to me--- I missed something. "Our Lady of the Lost and Found" and
"Morning by Morning" were both extremely challenging. Maybe I'm finally ready again for the phonics readers I was sick of hearing.

Time on the internet? Well too much on the homeschooling end: our co-op has been such a struggle I won't be done planning before I start the new year of Newsletters. One thing I loved has been the yahoo group my cousin set up for the family. Most of my picture posting has been there instead of here. But I'll work on that.

So next week I'll blog about:

My Kids
Our Conferences
Re-invigorating my prayer life

After that I'll work on my school plan. I'll also write about working with the local School Dept. on changing regulations. By August we'll be starting soccer!!! I love
kid soccer in our city!

For today it was busy! I took a neighbor with us to our CSA farm run by The Food Bank of Western Mass. It is the most eclectic place in the world. She nearly cries to see women like my friend and I having the choice to stay home with our kids AND the choice to work or run triathlons. She sadly found she had a husband who would not allow her to work or take classes and would not help care for his own children. Of course she was a feminist. Of course she fought for women's rights. I so happy that women who did the fighting often break the stereotype and support those of us who stay home and mother!!


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