Monday, August 6, 2007

100 Posts!

A mile stone has been hit I have made 100 posts, (on this site), sending my crazy point of view out into cyberspace. I'll celebrate with pictures of my kids this summer!

Here is my oldest daughter's self portrait in new glasses. Is she not gorgeous!!!

Zoe and Leslie in their bubble suits and Dad's company picnic. Great day was had by all. Since then they had hair cuts and are evry happy with those.

Boy Scout's end camp with a parade! The first in line is my David.

Marie 15 feet up in the air on a trampoline/slingshot/bungee cord ride at the company picnic. She did 20 backwards summersaults and has spent the summer trying to be brave!

OK she's my sister not my kid but she has the most adorable new twin kittens. They were Bear and Bella till they were old enough to discover they are both boys so now Bella is Baloo. My oldest daughter gets confused for her sister often. They worked at the same bakery. Now my sister teaches art at a Montessori school and does some Field Hockey coaching.

She's #8 of the siblings and so fun!!

And last but actually first: my dear husband sent me a love note for our coming anniversary. By email. It made me cry it was so beautiful. We spent way too much this summer for gifts but he wanted to do something special and I really appreciated it.
Don't worry, I'll make him a special meal the next night we are all home and today I made him Sour Dough Bread for the first time since the kitchen was finished. (My starter came our great!)

So my Dear Husband:
I Love You. For being there before my sister was even conceived. For all of our children. For taking me to church. For tucking the kids during my meeting tonight. For spending the day at work and coming home to dirt, and projects and a wife who needed a shower. For watching endless hours of Star Gate with our children and Not using the subwoofer and center channel during our meeting.
For being here still. almost 30 years since we met, and almost 21 years from when we finally married, and after 2 teens, and upteen sleepless nights and the starts of menopause. Through scars and scares and loss. Through loss of Faith and re-conversion. Through 6 sibling weddings and an ordination. Through new roofs, unemployment, public school, homeschool, Catholic school. Through wakes and funerals and Baptisms and First Communions. From Puppy love, to teen love, to Honeymoon, to 7 year ignition, to 10 year evaluation to the Mortar anniversary, to 2 decades of marraige.
You are the real deal. The true partner for life. The one who doesn't just sweep me off my feet and save me but also celebrates when I am strong enough to save myself.
Ladies he really does say all those nice things even when no one is listening. He really means it. He's earned a lifetime of joy and peace but is content with me.

And tonight I am so very grateful.

You are always there. Constant. Strong. Praying. Loving.


Esther said...

Congrats Mary! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your lovely family.

Cheryl said...

Great pictures. I'm so glad you started this blog, Mary. Your dh sounds wonderful. Happy Anniversary to both of you.

Christine said...

Happy Anniversary. Did I miss a meeting?


Mary B said...

Thank you all-- yes youmissed one but it worked well for Jane and I to get a few things organized. ow I have to figure out what to do when your picture memory gets full!

jbrazeau said...

Oh, I see put their pics up and not mine. I see how it is. :)