Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Here I am!!!

Ok so I've been missing in action a bit lately. I've put a few comments on other blogs but really I haven't had as much say. And I've been saving you from soem of my more interesting rants ; )

Anyway here is some of what I've been up to:

Trying to deal with bouts of insomnia made worse my teens that stayed up all night at summer college and just can't get back to normal.

Second coats of paint and little touch ups in the kitchen.

BIG cooking, like fresh salsa, loads of sauce and a roast Sunday.

Getting my daughter ready for her driving test and getting my van running again.

Starting soccer practice! Our team is 6-7 Girls and they are so cute!

Debating getting a bunny : p

A lovely visit from my New Jersey sister which involved all the sisters and a family friend and mom and my ugly fruit dip becoming a modern art paint.

Best of all I have a new friend. We have a neighbor who has been home a lot this summer because of surgery and doing more work from home. She is so completly different from anyone in my circle and yet so interested in this crazy big family dynamic. She's an ex-hippie, jewish mother of 2 boys, divorced, feminist who loves my children. We cook, chat, visit the farm, and help each other out. She's the first neighbor who felt comfortable just dropping by unannounced- but not the younger mom needing advice but the older mom educated in Speech pathology with lots of ideas and help.
So I guess I've need to vent less.

I've also been looking at Homeschool CPA, a blog that helps support groups decide when to become a non profit, how to deal with hiring teachers, insurance, bank accounts etc. What a wealth of information!
I finally ordered Analytic Grammar as recommended by Institute for Excellence in Writing and ordered Math from Teaching Textbooks. The book in these is also on a CDRom which shows the student how to work each problem. Its all the rage but hopefully its not just another expensive toy. It also means I have to, 'gasp' SHARE my computer. That will be hard. I may try to do al my computer work on 2 days of the week.

Well I'm still sitting around instead of getting my tub. So I'm off. Fair warning I'll be working o our newsletter so all my writing will be there this week.
God Bless.

Our Lady of Knock Please pray for all my friends and especially for Rosalie and her trip to Ireland.


Cheryl said...

It's good to hear from you. It looks like you've been busy. Where will the Bible Study be meeting in September? And will you be at the First Friday?

Mary B said...

I'll be at First Friday with Birthday Cake for our Lady. Bible Study--- I made 1 this summer! I hear rumors about it rotating houses. I hope to have everything in the newsletter by Monday.