Friday, August 24, 2007

This and that

Yesterday our family welcomed an addition. Cousin Ashley had a baby boy! I'm so happy for her. She knows from the start that she will be a SAHM/artist. Her husband is a sweet guy.

Bible Study was nice/work. It was great to see my friend and share their joys and sorrows. Our book reached the topic of controlling our tongue. I love how the same section of James 3 says we will never controll our tongue, if we could we'd be perfect, but we don't, but if we did we could control the whole body.
That is the contradiction of Christian life. We really don't get it right---except when we do. And then its due to God's grace, not us, yet we really have to cooperate with that grace.
I remember being a new Mom/wife and realizing I had to start working on controlling my tongue. Somehow we women worry if every little thought doesn't come out of our mouth then our dear husband or children are patronizing/ignoring/ or otherwise oppressing us. Real strength shows when we can speak with grace only what must be said; what builds community and heals. Anyone can tear people down.
For 2 years I bit my tongue so much I had a scar inside my mouth. I tried a friend's trick of whispering the most important directions so my children would work to listen. Eventually the body followed. I became softer, sweeter, calmer, happier. I was more consistent, more thoughtful, more respected.
Unfortunately in the decade that has followed I've had to re teach myself often and this may be one of those times. I know the signs now. The same signs the children show in these last 2 weeks before school. Malaise, impatience, bossiness, lack of focus.

So one more piece of news. We are getting a bunny. Already trained and with all its supplies, our neighbor is moving to elderly housing and the rabbit she keeps for the grandchildren has to go. It is not one of the things my guys are allergic to so --- we'll try.

(I am so NOT a pet person anymore!)

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