Sunday, September 30, 2007

Been Busy

and I've been fighting my head. Forgive the lac of posts. First I had new glasses. Not much change in Rx but the first lenses were scratched and the frame wasn't adjusted right and.... and... and... long week.
Soccer has been pretty good even though David has had a hard time. His coach was burnt out and finally quit but we have a new one as of Saturday and he's great.
I published our next newsletter and its out in the email world and in the mailbox. I even worked on the excel spreadsheet of addresses and contacts.
My writing students are discovering the web page we set up for them. They have no idea how much extra writing they do when their questions about homework have to be typed.
My neighbor thinks she's found a new appartment. When you are renting you are paying for a Landlord to care for certain things--- hers wasn't. Plus she uses the bus and our city is not as good about bus times as the town she's going to be in. Anyway its a lovely area, quieter etc so she's very happy.
Only disappointment was backing out of plans for my first bachelorette party. My 'other' sister is getting married and I've been to the showers but I just couldn't make it with the headaches.
Speaking of showers: The first included the guuys and kids. It was amazing! He got tools and Beer glasses and his daughters were spoiled! The second was just my sister's and I dressed as the various life stages as Carrie. Carrie the 'cheerleader' answered the door. Several of us were in Goth-- a stage she went through in college. 2 went blonde as she was a blonde. It was hilarious. I did a joke gift: Marraige First Aide kit: First Aid directio9ns from Dr. Matriarch, Harlequin Romance, Listerine, razors, deodorant, make up kit with tweezers. All hiding a little black something.
It was a blast!
Don't believe me?

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