Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things I get asked in the field a lot.

What Works For Me Wednesday: What works for me and my family is owning a share in Community Supported Agriculture. Every week from June 1 to Oct 31 we get to visit our farm and bring home our share of the produce harvested. Our farm also supports the work of the food bank. This is the time of year to get on the waiting list to join: maybe your local CSA has a shorter wait list but its really worth trying.

It got me thinking about questions I'm asked while I'm in the UPick fields.
I’m sure our other farmers are are asked these questions too at our local CSA, The Food Bank Farm.

How do 2 families split a share? (I don’t know- haven’t tried all 11 years. Every year our big family does really well eating up our share.)

How do you make sure you use it all? (Problem for small families but I don’t know. I suppose it would be a good incentive to invite a neighbor to dinner, cook for a shut in, deliver to your parish priest or a new mom.)

How do you U Pick with a baby? (Sling, back pack, or borrow a mother’s helper, are the most obvious. Also when we were new to the farm and growing our large family, DH usually came with me and helped.)

How do you make it worth it for a big family? ( I chose as many freezable veggies as I can in the summer when I can also get local veggies other places. Eat the most perishable veggies on farm day, raw with cheese and bread so you aren’t cooking that day except to freeze. Pick as many tomato drops as you can. Many share holders avoid them but they make a better sauce than you’ll buy in the store. Sneak veggies in for picky eaters: zucchini bread, greens in soup or rice etc. Kids that help pick and cook are better eaters, healthier, and more compassionate to those dependant on growing their own food. )

How do you cook this/what is this? (I love '1000 Vegetarian Recipes' by Carol Gelles. Her recipes take into account the seasons. Foods that harvest together cook together. Every unusally item she uses is explained.) (PS Omnivores can always add grilled chicken etc.)

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