Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ah that Holiday time of year!

It brings out the silly in everyone! After a call from my mother the following emails have bounced around. You will now know how crazy my family is.

Mary wrote:
As all my siblings know my mother has a very special plan for Christmas cards this year. They are all very aware of there assignments. They may however be unaware that their mother's nagging gene is the one I most completely inherited and the one she knows how to trigger and SOOO consider yourself nagged by the Future Matriarch of the James Murphy Clan! Mother would like to finish in one week! Please complete your Homework over the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

FMJMC Management, Inc


The Murphy Ambassador to Canada, is unaware of the very special plan. Please inform.



At the same time

I love FMJMC'S letter. I thought I told all of you what I was doing. I'm doing a family word search for my Christmas card. Every year I get CHRISTMAS LETTERS from friends bragging about their families andgrandchildren. I mean to show them up( in a fun way of course.) I made up a work search with the names ofthe JMClan...surnames,children, spouses, grandkids, pets, fiance. Dad proofread it...it took him two days to do. I want to include on the reverse side of the card, pictures of all of us. I do have one of you at the St. Pat's parade that I can use, so unless you want something sillier, i'll use that. Let me know.Mary will put all the photos on a CD so I can get them to my computer. Mary and Jeff are going to be "the Partridge Family". Be creative if you want to...we're not just any family! I think Joan and Phil and Ben arein PJ's.We'll try to call this weekend...
Hope life as the Murphy Ambassador to Canada is going well.
Love you lots...Mum

Maybe I'll post the actual card and word search for all 3 of you! And yes we did buy a copy of the first complete season of The Partrige Family for research purposes. It may count as school!

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Cheryl said...

This sounds really interesting... and fun! I grew up listening to the Partridge Family Christmas album, which I have to admit I like. I'm glad you're doing your homework.