Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Saint's Day

Last night was our Annual All Saint's Party.

Here are St Anna An-Jiao, a Tiger and St. Bernadette, who still has a ticket to play!
Its always so much fun but after 16 years our founder will be retiring. I do hope another family steps forward to run it. A Spanish prayer group from the area, El Camino, is also always there and are just wonderful.
I was able to get donations from 2 lovely stores, Emmanuel's Catholic Gifts in South Hadley and Open Window in Chicopee to donate prizes which we raffled to the teen and pre-teen volunteers. These are the kind of kids who give you hope for our church and I was so pleased to reward them.

In other news, the last time my teen was home he had restarted playing guitar. The 3 year old went to find the one she and Daddy had made. Its named (in bold black marker) 'the Leslie Rocker!'

They jammed together. Mom grinned.


Noi Coleman said...

I was glad to see you too! I couldn't find your blog before, Iam so glad to see it. I will put it on My favorites. Happy All Saints Day!

Esther said...

They look so cute!