Monday, November 12, 2007

College Visits

My daughter and I have just finished 2 college visits. Last week to Fitchburg State, one of Mass original teacher colleges, and Assumption, a small, Catholic Liberal Arts College.
My daughter loved them both although she is drawn to Fitchburg. It is very affordable. Far enough to need to drive but close enough to do the drive in one shot. They have not only her Major: English with a Secondary Ed concentration. They also have a Master's in both and have enormous success in teacher's passing their Certification Test and have lots of practical experience.
I like Assumption. I feel that a Catholic college of this size speaks to the whole person, as they said they help students ask 'who' they want to be, not 'what'. They are not at the top of the Catholic Schools list on the Neuman organization's list, but their were Crucifixes, they announced it, quoted Augustine well. And then of course there is the library.
The Library may be named for the founder of the order but I spotted the plaque. A bronze relief of my mother's dear friend Fr. Aimee Deschamps. He ran the library when she met him and was instrumental in her understanding of God as a LOVING father. He gave hugs, he was enthusiastic, he taught her even though she never was able to go to college.
My sister is named for him, another was Baptized by him, I have vague early memories of him: mostly because Mom talked about him so much and with such love. I put this in his prayerful hands. If my daughter should go there then the money will come.
We love you Fr. Aimee.


Cheryl said...

I went to Assumption for a couple of years.

Joanie said...

Mary, I too remember Mum talking about him. What great memories she has of his role in her life. Without even knowing him, we all came to love him.