Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm trying not to be too tired to go to Bible Study. I really should go. The kids need friends to play with and I need prayer time. I'm just so wiped.
Going out is very energizing but often when I get home I'm deflated. So many things hit me at once, besides the mess yelling at me. Everyone who missed me (I know that's a good thing) has something to share. And I really am interested. I just forget sometimes to take a big deep breath before I walk in...

unless I'm out with my Melissa.

Never does she miss a chance to look up at the stars, the cold dark sparkling back at her and take a deep draught of evening air. Her head tilted back she lets it flood her soul. Its the most beautiful prayer I've ever been privileged to share. And share I must. She bullies you into enjoying it if you are at oblivious to the joy right above your head. Being cold is no excuse! Its just to beautiful to ignore. And so is she.

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