Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year

I'm not one for resolutions but I'm definitly in need of some personal care this year. So here I'm going to free think my way through ideas I've had. As in brainstorming techniques I'm going to try to refrain from editing or rejecting ideas-- just get them out of my head and into print. Then I can work on them logically.

Spirituality. My prayer life has been pretty dead. What I want is a time that is just my and the Lord's, Rosary which I love, music, Mom's bible study, a retreat, I especially want to teach my family to respect my prayer time. I need fewer interuptions, less of joking around, less teasing, more joy, peace, hope and love. Less rote, more hearing God.

Organization. Time to weed through the huge Mass of things given to the kids this year. It is overwhelming. I spend too much time helping care for their stuff and not enough time with my kids. I already cleaned out the bill files of what should be shredded. Now I need it easier to find things. Basement needs work. Need room for instruments.

School. Music Art and religion need to again take first place. I want time alone with Sarah so she becomes the woman she could be. I need to plan next years books, coop etc so I have the summer off.
Most of all I need to follow through on plans to go back to school. The plan is to become a teacher so I can use what I've learned and eventually start making up for the number of years I have not put into our retirement.

Cleaning. I've started on one room at a time. Blech!!

Me: I need excercise, vitamins, sleep, less drinking, less stress and a schedule based on saving my sanity in the weeks I have difficulty.

That is the crux-- when I get overtired lately all the bad parts of 'the change' kick in and leave me on the edge. My family however needs me every day not just 3 weeks a month. Honestly this time I wanted to rent a hotel and hide for a day or two--- just the worst 2. Let them think I'm being self indulgent even though I'm really saving them from myself.
Luckily today is better, migraine recovery aside, so hopefully I can look at these ideas with fresh eyes tomorrow and decide-- after Mass--- on which will take priority.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Local Catholic Conference?

Those of us who went to the Conference meetings were very excited by the possibility of a local conference. It sounded very plausible for a group our size. Many of us have however had busy or difficult life circumstances. We have been contacted by a church that receives our newsletter saying that their facility may fit our needs and could be available. It is centrally located and a nice size. So I'm asking everyone to pray about this asking wisdom, discernment and courage so we can find God's will for us. I hope to have several planning meetings for next year's co-ops, First Friday's and discuss conferences, the newsletter etc. at a small number of meetings.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Ester has posted the traditional House blessing for Epiphany. I'd really like us to do this. I feel like we definitly need to re-Bless this house.
Thank you, excuse me, Mahalo!

Friday, December 28, 2007

My Memory

Its not so good. I forgot my son was bringing a friend from school (who is on leave) that he dated (but isn't anymore) over to visit 'at some point. That point was after I changed into my new microfleece PJ's.
However around midnight I remembered that I needed to work on the newsletter and did it in one morning.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Morning

Zoe, Favorite brother Jeff, David ready for Nerf fights next to Marie,

Leslie opening toy horses, Lissa wishes she had some! Sarah's OWN camera.

A Merry, Blessed Christmas season to All!
Love the Brazeau's

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well if I'm a good mom and bake cookies, clean, finish presents and stay cheerful so yelling doesn't hurt my voice for choir then I should also stop blogging and just enjoy the holiday.

A quick note first: Radio Station traffic reports should be longer than 5 seconds and more frequent when a 20 minute drive will become 1 and 1/2 hours! It should tell people to avoid the highway. Then when the traffic starts to clear from the first accidents everyone should drive like they don't want to cause, be in, or be stuck behind another accident. Three on one highway is too many people!

Enough with the rant. Enjoy the last weekend of Advent! treat yourself to a special box, easy to find, for storing Advent so you can enjoy it next year too!
An a very Merry Christmas! May you make more room than ever before in your heart for the Christ Child.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Birthday's

Happy Birthday to Mark! He's godson to my husband and me. Mark is an awesome kid! Smart, funny, good at soccer and swimming and also seriously into military planes.
Love You!
Also my sister Peg had a birthday and all together our family has about 10 december Birthdays.
A Happy Month to all!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Remembering its Advent and, after all, I am teaching First Reconcilliation, I'm going to try for Confession today at St. Stan's. I'll miss Bible Study but they will understand. We are also cleaning for a visit from Sarah's friends. Another project to finish is Christmas Cards.

Have a Blessed Day.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just a couple of notes

First, I was not ignoring anyone---- RCN thought we didn't want email service anymore. Its all better now.
Second, it should be easier to leave comments on my site now. Blogger now has Open ID allowing more people with ID's on other sites to leave comments.
Third, I have a lovely new mini van, yes MINI! I had to learn to drive it at night and bumped my friend's snowbank, but still it will be wonderful. I will miss my giant van. I received it just before Marie was born 8 years ago.
Fourth, You have got to love the FlyLady! go to if clutter is ruling your life.


Monday, December 17, 2007

So funny!

Ok I can't find out who made this but it came through my email homeschool loop. Downloads super fast!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Happy Birthday Sweet Marie! Mom loves you!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Cheer Challenge

My favorite Blogger has a sister who blogs and at the above link you will find a great way to spread some Christmas Cheer. If you haven't found a stranger or someone in need yet that you could help I highly recommend it.
This week my daughter and I sewed bedding for our friends that went in foster care. We were able to hear that they are doing well, are well loved, are 'allowed' to go to church now (weren't before this home) And their foster Family has taken care of most of their needs and wants but had saved us a little way to help.
Many at our church gave a gift through the Angel tree. They could give a gift to a child in DSS by choosing their name off a tree in the vestibule.
My favorite idea was when I was given an ornament of the 3 French Hens with a card from the Heiffer Project. My godson's family had purchased a clutch of chickens for a family in poverty in my name. I love these kinds of ideas that help us focus on all that we already have instead of what we don't have. I need all the reminders I can get!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

From last January's newsletter

Why not remember each time you look at this nativity scene, “my heart is Jesus’ stable.”Do you know what a life whose heart is filled with Jesus looks like? It is a life that is stable: one that is Satisfied with His will, living in Truth, always Adoring the Lord, Believing in God’s promises, Longing for relationship with Him, and Empowered by His spirit.

It’s the life of a person who is SATISFIED: Certainly, Mary would have chosen a better place for her child and the King of Kings, but she was satisfied with God’s design.

It’s the life of a person who knows and lives the TRUTH: Certainly, Joseph’s desired to put Mary away, except that the truth of Jesus needed to be shared.

It’s the life of a person who obviously ADORES God: Certainly, the shepherds were fearful, but they obeyed God’s call to leave their objects of purpose and income, objects of adoration – their lambs. They obeyed God’s urging to find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes. Leaving their lambs, shepherds fell down in adoration when they found the Lamb of God.

It’s the life of a person who BELIEVES God: Certainly, the Magi dreaded the long trip, but they believed in God’s power to provide a new King.

It’s the life of a person who LONGS for a relationship with God: Certainly, God’s children here on earth want to be filled with that which the world has to offer, but when we long for Jesus to fill our every yearning, everything else falls into its proper place.

It’s the life of a person EMPOWERED by the Holy Spirit: Certainly, we are weak, but God is strong. When He steps into our hearts He brings “all his glorious, unlimited resources to empower us with inner strength, through his spirit.”

When you look into your heart do you find it empty? This season invite Jesus to fill your life. Determine to allow the living God to be your focal point. Merry Christmas!

My Prayer for Today:
Lord Jesus, Without You there would be no Christmas. Today I want to dedicate this season to You. Every day I will remember that You are the reason we celebrate. It is Your birthday. Had you remained in heaven, I would still be lost, without purpose, without a future or hope, without joy. Thank you for giving Your life that I might live. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow Day Ramblings

Snow, Ice, scattered power outages. So everything is cancelled today. Co-op, CCD, not too sure about school....Fun is definitely lacking around here some days. Catching up would be SOOO nice.

This weekend we did put up our tree. I'll post a picture when its decorated. Its a wonderful fake my husband created to solve our severe allergy problems. Its a corner shelf unit shaped like a pine. This year he created a base for it so its sits above his favorite speaker.

Then we gave the kids their 1st Sunday of Advent gift. This unusual tradition began when an energy crunch hit a few years ago and we were new using our refinished unheated attic. Each of the kids received something warm to wear and for their bedroom. Now each year they get one warm thing. this year a hat, scarf or gloves.

We need an Advent wreath. Before my husband understood Advent he went out and bought my glass votive holders and boxes of generously sized votive candles in Pink and Purple. I set 4 of them on a round mirror we had with a few decorations: different each year. Then our parish had wreath making events which were so much fun except we used live greens. They became dangerously dry before the 4th Sunday of Advent. So hopefully I'll be able to visit my friend's little store to find one this week. Something that will last.

Its also time to start thinking of Hope Chests. My mother had certain gifts we could count on receiving at certain times. Duffle Bags or Suitcases before we left for college and a Nativity Set while we were engaged. Also every year she added to our ornament collection. I still love to pull them out. The velvet guitar, the hand painted fireplace, the Popsicle reindeer and snowmen she made with my baby sister, some dated, some not. Some in duplicates because my husband and children became included as years went on.

Growing up my best friend's mother bought a dish a week at the grocery store eventually collecting a full set of dinnerware and utensils for each girl. I like the idea of my children know I really want to enjoy their adulthood as much as their childhood. It would be nice if they knew there was one box of things ready to help them start their lives: not just the dishes and blankets and physical necessities. I want them to have the Sacramentals that make their house a Catholic home at the Holy Days.

A blessed Advent to you all.