Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year

I'm not one for resolutions but I'm definitly in need of some personal care this year. So here I'm going to free think my way through ideas I've had. As in brainstorming techniques I'm going to try to refrain from editing or rejecting ideas-- just get them out of my head and into print. Then I can work on them logically.

Spirituality. My prayer life has been pretty dead. What I want is a time that is just my and the Lord's, Rosary which I love, music, Mom's bible study, a retreat, I especially want to teach my family to respect my prayer time. I need fewer interuptions, less of joking around, less teasing, more joy, peace, hope and love. Less rote, more hearing God.

Organization. Time to weed through the huge Mass of things given to the kids this year. It is overwhelming. I spend too much time helping care for their stuff and not enough time with my kids. I already cleaned out the bill files of what should be shredded. Now I need it easier to find things. Basement needs work. Need room for instruments.

School. Music Art and religion need to again take first place. I want time alone with Sarah so she becomes the woman she could be. I need to plan next years books, coop etc so I have the summer off.
Most of all I need to follow through on plans to go back to school. The plan is to become a teacher so I can use what I've learned and eventually start making up for the number of years I have not put into our retirement.

Cleaning. I've started on one room at a time. Blech!!

Me: I need excercise, vitamins, sleep, less drinking, less stress and a schedule based on saving my sanity in the weeks I have difficulty.

That is the crux-- when I get overtired lately all the bad parts of 'the change' kick in and leave me on the edge. My family however needs me every day not just 3 weeks a month. Honestly this time I wanted to rent a hotel and hide for a day or two--- just the worst 2. Let them think I'm being self indulgent even though I'm really saving them from myself.
Luckily today is better, migraine recovery aside, so hopefully I can look at these ideas with fresh eyes tomorrow and decide-- after Mass--- on which will take priority.


Cheryl said...

I think this is a great idea - journaling about what you want. Like you said, you can go back to this later and prioritize and come up with ways to achieve these things. Maybe I'll do the same.

Mary B said...

It seems to be helping me although I scared my poor DH I think.