Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow Day Ramblings

Snow, Ice, scattered power outages. So everything is cancelled today. Co-op, CCD, not too sure about school....Fun is definitely lacking around here some days. Catching up would be SOOO nice.

This weekend we did put up our tree. I'll post a picture when its decorated. Its a wonderful fake my husband created to solve our severe allergy problems. Its a corner shelf unit shaped like a pine. This year he created a base for it so its sits above his favorite speaker.

Then we gave the kids their 1st Sunday of Advent gift. This unusual tradition began when an energy crunch hit a few years ago and we were new using our refinished unheated attic. Each of the kids received something warm to wear and for their bedroom. Now each year they get one warm thing. this year a hat, scarf or gloves.

We need an Advent wreath. Before my husband understood Advent he went out and bought my glass votive holders and boxes of generously sized votive candles in Pink and Purple. I set 4 of them on a round mirror we had with a few decorations: different each year. Then our parish had wreath making events which were so much fun except we used live greens. They became dangerously dry before the 4th Sunday of Advent. So hopefully I'll be able to visit my friend's little store to find one this week. Something that will last.

Its also time to start thinking of Hope Chests. My mother had certain gifts we could count on receiving at certain times. Duffle Bags or Suitcases before we left for college and a Nativity Set while we were engaged. Also every year she added to our ornament collection. I still love to pull them out. The velvet guitar, the hand painted fireplace, the Popsicle reindeer and snowmen she made with my baby sister, some dated, some not. Some in duplicates because my husband and children became included as years went on.

Growing up my best friend's mother bought a dish a week at the grocery store eventually collecting a full set of dinnerware and utensils for each girl. I like the idea of my children know I really want to enjoy their adulthood as much as their childhood. It would be nice if they knew there was one box of things ready to help them start their lives: not just the dishes and blankets and physical necessities. I want them to have the Sacramentals that make their house a Catholic home at the Holy Days.

A blessed Advent to you all.

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