Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm Thinking wordlessly.

This week I've followed the 'comments' on Danielle Bean's Blog and Dr. Gregory Popcak at Heart, Mind & Strength (not the easiest blog set up to follow-fair warning.)

I can't help feeling like I'm listening to people argue that, 'the sky is blue' only have someone argue back that, 'no, its blue.'
For the record I studied NFP twice and was exposed to the Attachment Parenting philosophy but did not study it in depth. I have no desire to get into the debate any more than the very brief comments I gave on Danielle's blog, partly:

"Danielle I think your response was very helpful. Most of the world has no access to to this kind of information. Parents must use their God given ability to discern what they should do. For the woman, the 'heart of the home' it really is easiest to describe the way I hear God as a feeling. Men, at least my husband, do not have the same way of relating to God. I can't always put into words for my husband exactly what we should do different but I certainly 'feel' when things aren't right. He trusts that feeling and brings it to prayer. Head and Heart together usually lead us in the right direction. "

It was back on Star Trek, Yes dear I was awake, that the alien in Spock's body comments on this strange thing we depend on 'language' without really being its master. How easily we upset each other with our words when the intent was really to share the enlightenment we've been Blessed with by God. Or we just hope to be heard, understood, somehow to be less alone within our mind.

Maybe that's why so many of us Blog and read blogs; to somehow figure out and Master this thing called language and use it to truly connect to someone. At yet we can never estimate how someone vastly different will react to our choice of words. How they will hear and understand them. We need to know not just what we want to say, but also our motivation and that of the listener. The wider the audience the less we can know.

Let's ponder this all in our hearts with Our Lady. Let's trust that the only one we really need to communicate with is the One who already knows us. Wordlessly.

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