Monday, February 4, 2008

MROL/Father Daughter Dance/ and other craziness this weekend.

Well, yes, we watched the Pat's lose. We just stayed home as we are still exhausted from the flu. My husband is finally coughing less and did NOT crack a rib Friday. He just pulled a muscle and can move again. My Mother's Rule of Life that I am starting includes a morning Rosary but but I'm posting first.
Saturday was the big Father Daughter Valentine Dance and inspite of the pain DH did take the girls--- all 5! I think he has had the most dates in the past few years.
After a brief shopping/sanity trip I spent the day doing hair and pedicures and manicures and chosing outfits. They all looked lovely.

David and I spent way too much at Barns and Noble in the 1 hour we had then he bought me a sundae at Friendly's!!! We ate them after I picked everyone up from the dance and watched Batman Begins.

Well its off to co-op. Book talk later!

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