Friday, February 8, 2008

This Weekend and this week:

  1. MROL: Part 2: Person-- I will take my vitamins, medicine, eat healthy, sleep, enjoy some sewing, have my prayer time, and do those tasks that leave me feeling caught up and less stressed. (listed below)
  2. Co-op: I will write an exam and get a plan in place for parents to give the exam.
  3. Boston: I will arrange for people to watch or check on my kids so I don't come home to any surprises when DH and I go on this business trip.
  4. Taxes/FAFSA: I will do my filing, mail the last forms to the tax guy and start the FAFSA's.
  5. College: I will arrange to meet with the English/History Advisors at both schools, fill out my applications and arrange recommendation letters.
  6. Less blogging, movies, distractions from what is really important to me.


Cheryl said...

You sound organized. I hope you get to do what you've planned.

Mary B said...

Unfortunately its more of a wish list than a plan with times etc. I did take my meds and last night did some filing but I woke up to 2 with high fevers. Its very depressing to face taking care of sick people for one more weekend. They haven't been too demanding but I was really hoping for a good, healthy weekend. As you saw I'm on meds. Stress related overgrowth of Bacteria and other beasties. Blech!!!!
Oh well! Just ready Danielle's article at Inside Catholic. She's right. These days will pass and I'll even miss them.