Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good Night, I Love you, Sleep well.

Every night my husband says this. Even if I'm not there. Even when he's far away. It is the last thing he thinks about before sleep. Period.

Oh how I wish I could be so focused. I know, its not my call as mother. My call is to be ready for the next one, the interuption, the need. In Boston I only had him to think of-- for 2 days I was just wife. What a blessing those 2 days were.

But last night I had to text the message 3,000 miles away. He's in San Diego for trainging for a full week. He left Saturday to see some sites and get over the jet lag before the first session Monday. He appreciated that I remembered. appreciated that remembering at 11 pm was early in his new, temporary world.

I don't mind that he saw the zoo without me or went out for real Mexican. I was only slightly jealous when he called from the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway in a 2008 rental surrounded by sun and palm trees. But I sure miss him.

Thank goodness I still have 4 year old who senses when mommy might have to suffer having a bed all to herself and joined me. No I didn't send her to her room. I won't have living dolls much longer.

So goodnight sweetheart, I love you, sleep well. I post you some pictures of the kids Tuesday.

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dad2best7 said...

Thanks Mary,

I love you too.