Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hi Daddy!

I haven't put pictures up in a while and we all wanted to say hi to Daddy so here is our catch up:

My son turned 19, wants to be Jesus I guess.
Father Daughter dance 08. Winner of the most dates category.
Zoe losing front teeth.
Here we are after getting weighed and measured saying Hi Daddy.

Well we are off to the library.


dad2best7 said...

Thanks for the pictures.

How much did they grow?

Love Ya, Jeff

Mary B said...

David is 4'7" which is about an inch since September 72.5 lbs.
sarah's 4'4" and 59 lbs.also an inch.
Marie is 3'9" 44.5 lbs.
Zoe is 3'7" 37.5 lbs. both about 1/2 inch.
Leslie is 3'2" 30 lbs. which is just over an inch.