Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ok So Monday's post was short because I was good about getting things done. Firs the weekend was great because Jeff was back and we saw Melissa in Anything Goes at Holyoke High School. It was such a good show and so well done.
Monday it was work time. We had no co-op so Moms could get raedy for Easter. I tackled packing a few winter things (enough to hide the bed in my room!) but this is New England did not put the mittens away or the boots. Snow pants are still in reach. Don't want God to play one of His spring storm jokes!
Then I searched for the Easter dresses and Found Them!!!!! Only 2 needed to be rewashed. I've even started to pull other things out of storage so I can try to geth everything to fit well. Then CCD. We met to plan the retreat day for First Communion, made a million copies to give the kids a Stations of the Cross coloring book, then stuffed Easter Eggs for the kids to give to the local shelter.

this week:
Tonight I have a meeting and need groceries.
Wednesday I'm supposed to get some answers at the local Catholic college about taking continuing ed classes. I am so unprepared! I just don't seem to be able to make enough time.
In the evening is choir rehearsal which I really need to be at this week.
Holy Thursday is also bible study day.
Good Friday I get to spend the morning taking care of 2 little nieces!Then its stations. My oldest emailed me a reminder that he has a concert on Friday, huh?!? but he promised to get to services on campus.

If I'm really good I won't be one to blog so I'll say 'Blessings on your Holy Week! Have a wonderful Easter!'

who am I kidding, I'll be back.

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