Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today is Coffee talk day at Danielle Bean

My contribution:
"Today I’m thinking about getting through the ‘dark night of the soul’ the desert time. Silly after Easter I know, but I just found out that my dear BIL was not expecting it after finding his close relationship with Jesus. He was really side swiped and didn’t realize we’ve all been there.
Luckily he was brave enough to share at easter brunch and several of us were able to be encouraging. As my mother said, plants do not grow with out winter. They need a dormant time. But spring comes.
Excellent book on it is ‘The Camel Knows the Way by Lorna Kelly– a book Mother Theresa told her to write."

Her book really is fascinating. I bought a signed copy the day I heard her speak at our Diocesan Women's Conference Living God's Grace. She had us is fits of laughter and tears as she shared her incomparable rudeness to Mother Theresa, (How was she to know that a manicure would be inappropriate for dealing with the dying?) and shared having to cut away a young woman's lice ridden hair. Her hair was all she had left.
the book was even more amazing. How can God bring a person to find that their Alcoholism was a gift? How can God bring a recovering wealthy divorcee from London and Manhattan to India to Mother Theresa understand the only ones she find she can't help: the addicted.
Because they corresponded and Mother shared her opinions on Lorna's Dark night of the soul, ("you are so loved!") Lorna Kelly was called to give a deposition and be a witness for her beatification and to be present in Rome for the celebration.
She still marvels that when you become sober they tell you that as you live this new sober life all your wildest dreams come true. Never in her wildest dreams could she imagine where her life led.
Please pray for her. In fall she had a radical mastectomy and three times the Chemo has nearly killed her. Her heart is very weak now.

Peace, Mary

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